You are a renomed T.I. professional, and you face off this situation: 

Welcome to a OS that are infested with virus, and its up to you to exterminate it by instaling the best anti-virus in the whole world, The DAIBU Anti-Virus. But keep an eye in the additional tasks that you do NOT WANT to keep, because they consume too much RAM memory.

You think you can handle the software instalation with all the anoying ads trying to lure you? we'll see >:)

  • We use a claustrofobic space and annoying ads to simulate the *running out of space* sensation.
  •  And of course, the lack of memory RAM that you have
  • Use the mouse to play the game
  • Runs directly in your browser

Johnny Dalvi


Thanks for playing :)


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Got frustrating after a bit which I'm assuming was the desired effect.  I managed to get it installed though.